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Everytime you stream sats or boost a podcast,
5% of the amount is taken off the top of your transaction.
3% is sent to CurioCaster for app development,
1% is sent to the Podcast Index for podcast search,
and 1% is sent to LNPay for Lightning Wallets.
The remaining 95% is sent to the podcaster's team based upon their desired splits.

If you find we're providing you more value than 5% of your podcaster support,
you can support us using your CurioCaster Wallet by clicking the button below,
scanning the Cash App code, or using $curiocaster as a Cash App $Cashtag.


CurioCaster - The Best Podcast Player in Texas
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This app is still in the beta stage of development, and may have changes that will require reloading all of your data.

Thanks for being patient as I work out all of the issues. And a huge thanks for being an early adopter.

You can report any issues, ask questions, or make suggestions at Please make all inquiries to @StevenB

You can also email me at

If things aren't working as expected, try clicking the button below to reset your app.
Unfortunately, your data will be lost, but the app will probably start functioning as expected again.

You may want to back up your subscriptions by exporting to OPML. You can then reload the OPML file once the app resets.

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